Tally 2 is now available on the App Store. Tally 2 is free to use with up to two simultaneous tallies. One-time $1.99 (USD) unlock is available to enabled unlimited tallies and dark theme.


What is Tally?

Tally is a quick, eyes-free counting app for iPhone and iPad. It is a handy utility to keep up with simple counts – attendance, game scoring, dietary needs, etc. Tally has been around a while, but we have launched an all-new version which has some great new features, particularly for keeping up with multiple counters. Tally features include:

  • Easy, eyes-free gesture-based counting. With an active Tally, tap to count up, swipe down to count down.
  • Multiple tallies. Swipe right to manage list and create new tallies. The free version support two tallies, unlocked version unlimited.
  • Today widget to increment tallies from anywhere, without even unlocking your phone.
  • Configure tallies to count up or down.
  • Set step and initial values to reset to a starting point, and count by 2s, 5s, or any arbitrary increment.
  • Visual and audio confirmation of counts.
  • Great URL scheme support for integration into iOS automation workflows.
  • Dark Theme (requires IAP unlock)
  • Universal for iPhone and iPad.
  • Watch support planned for April, 2015!

The rest…

Review and ratings are always appreciated! Feedback and issues to info@agiletortoise.com. To keep up with tips and news, follow @tallyapp on Twitter and Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Tally on the App Store!

Get Tally 2 on the App Store.